Monthly Archives: March 2007

Joomla and Search Engine Optimization

I recently made another blog, the Joomla Web design and SEO Blog, which would all be about designing, developing, and search engine optimizing in Joomla. The discussions would include the preparations to be done before starting the design and development thus making the website search engine optimized and friendly.


My Latest Project Using Jomres

Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences, my latest project which uses Jomres Reservation/Booking component has soft launched. Visitors can now book a room on-line. Some units are still available for investments though. For more details visit one of my other projects, The Lancaster Suites.

Jomres – Reservation Component

I have just bough a Jomres license and installed it in my under development room rentals site. So far, the component is not giving me a hard time. A few small things would be more appreciated here and there, but as a whole the component is worth its monetary value

I’ll be posting the link to my rentals site here as soon as I’m done with the design and development.