Monthly Archives: December 2006

Joomla Blogging Component

As I have recently had bandwidth problems with the WordPress blog engine being installed with my Joomla! website, I’m currently testing Joomla! blogging components. The first one I got a hand on was Joomblog. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to let it run.

The nex component I installed and currently am testing is Mamblog. It seems to run smoothly. Just a little tweaking here and there today and I think it would be an alternative to WordPress.


Bandwidth Problem

I recently installed the WP blog engine to one of my Joomla websites, Sico Properties, and it went OK for a month. But came mid-December though and I noticed a significant increase in my bandwidth consumption. From an average of 30MB a day it jumped up to 800MB a day!

Well, I asked my hosting company to pull the logs for me and found out who the culprit was. Somebody using the domain name “”. What I wonder is that it’s a legit company. What do you think of this guys? Any comment would be appreciated.

And another thing any good ideas to stop this bandwidth hi-jacking? I already installed some WP plug-ins like the “Ref-Karma” to no avail.

Joomla 1.0.12

On Christmas Day, Joomla! released what they say as the final release of the 1.0.xx series. Included in the release are 140+ general bug fixes, a number of low-level security fixes, a full security audit of SQL querries, and SSL switchover support.

All users are thereby advised to upgrade to the latest stable version which is 1.0.12 of Joomla! CMS. To make things better, Joomla! also encourage everybody yo check the extensions installed in their system and upgrade to the latest version for a more secured environment. For a list of what are conisdered as vulnerable extensions, please click on this link .

Joomla Booking Component

I have been hunting for a good Joomla Booking Component for quite some time now. What do I mean with good? First, it should be functional and simple to use. Second, which is also very important, is that it is FREE. Well, it’s what made Joomla popular, right? A very good CMS which is aside from opensource, is FREE.

I found just one free booking component, the Solunas. Well, actually, it’s good. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that they will host the database.

So if somebody could tell me where to find a good one, it would be very much appreciated.